The Connecticut Bar Association’s Rule of Law Blog was launched in January of 2011. Its mission is to further the work of the CBA’s Rule of Law Conference by promoting thoughtful discussion of our legal structure among all citizens, not just judges and lawyers.

In June of 2010, the CBA’s Rule of Law Conference gathered Connecticut leaders from the fields of business, academia, medicine, religion, and law to discuss the role that the Rule of Law plays in an ordered and free society. The lively dialogue that ensued resulted in the CBA’s publishing of a Rule of Law Report, detailing the views, criticisms, and suggestions of the conference attendees. For further synopses of the event, please see past CBA President Francis Brady's introduction and the Connecticut Lawyer's recap of the event. The CBA plans to sponsor further Rule of Law Conferences in 2011 and beyond.

The Connecticut Bar Association is pleased to announce that its second Rule of Law Conference will take place on November 16, 2012.  The topic of this year's Conference is informal rulemaking, and particularly whether such rulemaking creates interference, delays and increased costs to doing business in Connecticut.  In the months leading up to this year's Conference, the Rule of Law Blog will speak with Connecticut leaders in business, academia, and law to preview the discussion.

This blog highlights issues regarding the Rule of Law, locally, nationally, and internationally. It pays particular attention to the legal system, legislative and regulatory structures, and the impact that they have on the business community and the daily lives of citizens.

The authors and designers are:

Daniel P. Elliott, Esq., an attorney at Murtha Cullina, LLP in Hartford.

Daniel J. Klau, Esq., an attorney at McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, LLP in Hartford.

Kimberly A. Knox, Esq., an attorney at Horton Shields & Knox, P.C. in Hartford.

Kyle Sargalski, Webmaster at the Connecticut Bar Association.

Daniel A. Schwartz, Esq., an attorney at Pullman & Comley, LLC in Hartford.